February Goal Post

I’m going to make this month one to remember. It’s a leap year, after all. I have set my mind to doing something this month that I will remember it by.

Other goals that I will post publicly, thereby feeling obligated to work towards?

1. I need to start running again. I have turned down multiple invites to join races, because I want to run for the simple pleasure of it, not because I have to be somewhere, in a certain shape by a certain time. Yes it’s February and I don’t own a treadmill, but the universe is presenting me with temptation every day the sidewalks are clear and the sky isn’t puking ice.

2. I will just keep swimming. Like Dory in Finding Nemo, sometimes you have to and for me right now that’s called for at work. I’m still part-time but not finding there is enough time in those hours to make the impact I want (or seem to be expected to do). So onwards with the flow, keep moving, keep putting forth my best effort. Must do some housekeeping in my work area. That’s for this month.

3. I am going to post more. This one? Kamikazee. Typing it directly into the wordpress form, no edits, just bare. I blog for expression and release. I’m loosening my rigidity that things have to be polished before posted. Meh on that (and if you, like me, see that sentence and it turns to “losing your virginity” then we have similar twisted subliminal brains).

Three goals is enough. This isn’t New Years after all and I need to leave room for the unexpected adventures life always presents. Got a goal for this month? Tell someone what it is. You will feel more accountable. You have a whole extra day this month to achieve it!

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