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End Zone: February

Quick review for me on the goals I blathered on about 29 days ago. It keeps me honest to put it in writing. 1. Run. I got out and got some K’s in. Each run was progressively faster, farther, smoother. … Continue reading

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Dear Mother Nature #freecompliments

Dear Mother Nature. Tonight’s sunset was inspiring. You know the one? You tossed it on a random Thursday in February. It had sombre periwinkle clouds that ranged to light purple – like the paper on a crayon that’s been left … Continue reading

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Second Generation onwards

My personal mantra is onwards. I don’t think I have been dealt more to deal with than the average person, it’s just that life can be unpredictable at times. People can disappoint, plans can go awry, loss can find you when … Continue reading

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A truly awesome evening.

Last night I got to see people stepping forward, speaking up for their hopes and dreams.  I met new people, and got to see friends I hadn’t in too long. I saw how awesome my home town really is, and … Continue reading

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Lipstick mornings

I am in bed. Fully awake, but nowhere near swinging my legs over the side, hitting the floor and getting on with today. Yesterday was bumpy, today sure to be berserk. So I have opted to skip the workout, enjoy … Continue reading

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Laughing ourselves to sleep.

Last night as I was putting kid2 to bed, I hopped in beside her. She wiggled around to make me room, and asked if I was going to sing her to sleep. When I said yes, she cooed a happy … Continue reading

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February Goal Post

I’m going to make this month one to remember. It’s a leap year, after all. I have set my mind to doing something this month that I will remember it by. Other goals that I will post publicly, thereby feeling … Continue reading

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