Goal post: November

Think back over the past 30 days. What pops to mind as something you’re glad you did? Something that was outside of your normal routine, something you will remember a year from now? If you’re still sitting there thinking, perhaps December will be a better month.

Defining moments for me from November include my son turning 10. My universe stabilized while evolving at the same time, if that’s even possible. I went dancing for a night which was so cathartic and fun I aim to do it again as soon as time permits. I took my kids up the CN Tower and had to breathe slowly while they cavorted on the glass floor and stampeded around the outer deck of the sky pod. We observed our tradition of watching the Kingston Santa Claus parade with old friends and new. Awesome Kingston launched and is every bit as fantastic as I had hoped. I continue to demonstrate a complete inability to tap dance. I continue to be on a break from running and I genuinely miss it and can’t wait for February when I will start again, from scratch and resume plodding.

My goal for December is to take it easy. I will be rebuilding my strength and taking care of myself. I do plan to celebrate, and I plan to eat, drink, and be merry. To keep from putting on my usual five- to eight-pound holiday layer, I am joining @mbfgmike and @purelynumbers on this:


If you’re on Twitter, join the #loseapound conversation. It will keep you honest, keep you working out and if you’re like me, it could help keep you on even ground with Miss Moderation, who is someone I have never seen eye to eye with.

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