Klout is Farmville in disguise.

I think in analogies. It’s just my thing. My latest? Klout is like Farmville.

Think of it. Send notifications of your every move to everyone and anyone who is in your network. Connect as many different facets of your online self together to make the biggest net, the most influential web. What about checking in every day, collecting K and badges, reaching certain levels to be eligible for certain perks?

I would bet you a quarter (it’s a symbolic bet) Klout employs a psychologist like Zynga does. Human beings are as habitual as lemmings, hopefully without the terrible end to the story. We love to collect. We go nuts for free or perceived-to-be-exclusive things and we are programmed to want to successfully work our way through various levels to come out on top.

How do I know so much about Farmville, you ask? My farm was lovely. Award winning if they had such a thing. I collected trees and birds. I coveted ponies and had a treasured white peacock. Then one day I quit cold turkey. I was done being played to want more, to want to beat my neighbours, be ranked higher, produce more, have more, be more. Klout is trying to reel us in to care about and want more influence. More followers, more reactions, and more scope.

Perhaps from my lesson learned with Farmville, I’m no longer having any of it. I deleted my Klout profile and detached as much as I can from their metrics. No thank you Klout. If you measured authenticity, spirit, and optimism you would be providing us with a wondrous service. As it is you’ve simply created a system that measures people against one another where some are deemed less worthy. That’s judgey. That’s not what our society, saturated with bullying and disgusting reality TV needs.

Tonight an assorted group of normal people started a wave of awesome. The hope is the wave will continue – like the proverbial wind from a butterfly’s wing – and spread and take shape and evolve. Awesome Kingston awarded a thousand dollars to someone with an idea and a dream, and will do so each month going forward. The goodwill created in town tonight can’t be measured but I assure you it is influential. I’m inspired, excited, and motivated by what I learned and saw tonight. All from a score of 1K.

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