Goal Post: October, 2011

Well. I’m going to stop noting how fast time goes past. If September was a blur, then October didn’t even register on the radar, it moved so fast. What a month.

I did what was on the list. We completed the Sears Great Canadian Run – I wrote about it in a prior post, but it will stand as a defining moment of this year. A 100K relay where we beat our fundraising goal, worked together as a team and learned that making a difference isn’t scary, isn’t impossible, and is absolutely worth it. I perpetuated my habit of saying yes to things that both scare and excite me. I said yes more than no, and it was all more positive than not.

October is also the time to recall I got married. 13 years ago we said vows in front of family and friends and I flounced about in a dress I still put on periodically for fun and to terrify the cat. We are riding out some rough seas but getting help and seeing signs there could be shine again where there once was. It was nice to say Happy Anniversary again versus shrugging it off and hiding my real feelings in distractions and work. Memere’s birthday also falls in October. I can’t tell you how old she is, she wouldn’t like that but she is hanging in there, still motoring along.

There was so much more in October. Epic dark and stormy night-time road trips, my new computer, AwesomeKingston launched, and I quit running, committed to Insanity. For November I want to continue making working out fit my week. I want to write more because sitting down getting the banal ins and outs of my day captured brings me peace. I want to continue to pull my family back together and revel in the wash of warm satisfaction that brings me. I also want to feel special. I want to feel cheered for and listened to. Shouldn’t be too hard all things considered.

p.s. as the final eve of October falls, and the sun starts to set I just got confirmation something I have wanted for so long and so badly is actually going to happen. It’s truly been quite a year and it’s not over yet!! Onwards in good cheer!

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