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Klout is Farmville in disguise.

I think in analogies. It’s just my thing. My latest? Klout is like Farmville. Think of it. Send notifications of your every move to everyone and anyone who is in your network. Connect as many different facets of your online … Continue reading

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A peaceful “State” of mind.

Kingston had some epic weather this past spring and summer. Flash floods, freak wind storms. It was all enough to make one wonder what the world was coming to. It was certainly enough to make our roof give up keeping … Continue reading

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My grandfather was born on November 5th. That tidbit was served up to me by my mother on November 3rd, 2001 as I blithely ate a popsicle and bounced around on a birthing ball. I was having occasional twinges in … Continue reading

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Goal Post: October, 2011

Well. I’m going to stop noting how fast time goes past. If September was a blur, then October didn’t even register on the radar, it moved so fast. What a month. I did what was on the list. We completed … Continue reading

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