Mapping Memory Lane: PEI

Everyone has a place on earth that fits them. That fills them with a sense of home and happy, wonder, and shine. I discovered mine this summer; it’s Prince Edward Island.

It could be partially attributed to circumstance. I had never taken off on a trip without kids before that wasn’t work-related. I had never travelled with a friend I have known since I was seven. But entertaining as Dawn is, and rejuvenating as a break from my domestic bliss was, the reasons I fell in love this summer lie deeper than that.

PEI has a rhythm I easily fell into. It feels like there is more time in the day to get done what you need to. Nothing is too far apart, and nothing requires an attitude or defensive positioning. People are pleasant. The scenery is breathtaking and what some people call desolate or windswept I call lovely and serene.

I read Anne of Green Gables when I was seven. I read it a hundred times. Walking towards it in real life I had goosebumps and was slammed with a wash of emotion. Lucy Maud Montgomery is my muse. Suffice to say I had a moment. There were moments every day. Just when we thought we had a highlight in a day, something else would happen that toppered the first. We were made honorary citizens of the town of Alberton by the staff in the liquor store. We jumped 15 feet off a sea wall into the ocean. We bought lobster off the boat and ate ten of them in the company of a gift of a person, who will get her own blog post one day, she is so special.

Our final night on PEI, we stood on the red sand beach at West Point and saw the splendour of a crimson sunset over the ocean. It deserves more flamboyant language than that, but there aren’t words for the perfection of it. As I turned to walk to the car, to head for home I saw a full moon had risen in the sky behind us. I stood there, between the end of a perfect day and the calm of the oncoming night and I made several promises to myself. It was a magical moment on a magical island. If ever someone would be listening to a softly whispered wish disguised as a promise, it would be then.


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