Highway musings. On being creative and unique.

I have been traveling a lot lately. Which I don’t mind doing but it is wearing a little thin. I’d like to stow the Heys case for longer than three weeks and not have the niggling feeling of a trip coming up in the back of my brain. Anyways. Today as I again scorched down the 401 I saw them working on a new service centre past erm… I can’t recall. It was east of Kingston, west of the turn for the 416. Isn’t it remarkable how you can zone out on drives, only to be pulled back to the present by a bump in the road or needing to change songs on the radio? I wrote about that in a prior post on here somewhere.

Point of this musing is that I think Ontario missed an opportunity with the enroute centers. They’re identical. Every one of them. Stop in one at Waterloo. It’s the same as the one in Trenton. Same as the one being built east of Gananoque. Sure sure there’s economy of scale. But wouldn’t it have been neat if they had made each one unique? Perhaps representative of a decade gone by? People traveling would actually want to stop and visit each one. People with kids could engage their little brains by checking out theme decor versus just stretching little legs. Each could have represented a different province or territory. Or a significant event in Canadian history. Or provincial literary greats and their works.

I hate seeing conformity in action. I particularly despise people who eschew creative ideas in favour of wearing an “I’ve always done it this way” button. There are opportunities all around us to evolve. There’s more to be said for being different and interesting than being a clone and routine. I might be justifying rarely fitting in. I’m absolutely advocating for increased appreciation that people and situations come in different shapes and sizes. As I again hit the road this thought tied in to my habit of avoiding chain hotels and restaurants when I travel. I would rather experience new and get a better feel for where I am than hoard loyalty points and have a bedspread pattern memorized from staying in the same hotel, different cities. Here ends my mini rant. Sharing a photo from Hotel Rex in San Francisco where I stayed in August. It was lovely and unique. I liked it.


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