Goal Post: September 2011

Where in the sweet fackity crap did September go? It feels like six or seven days ago I was sitting in San Francisco airport musing back on the month that was August. For it to now be October is bizarre to me. I can’t pull down a solid thought about September that feels like it’s ready to be pinned on a board as an accomplishment. The things I did and the high-lights I do have are all wriggling and still evolving.

September is a month for new starts. I started my adult tap class. Turns out I am a horrendous tap dancer. I have to tappity tap write notes all through the class. My brain can’t take in instructions and relay them to my feet fast enough. Add watching it in a mirror then trying to do it in reverse, and I’m abysmally clumping along. However I can’t quit. Kid2 is too proud of me, and I am secretly more thrilled to be learning something new than I am worried I look like a moron.

I committed to a new volunteer venture in September. My schedule is groaning a bit under the strain of so many “yesses” versus “I don’t have times” but when I get the Great Canadian Run put to bed in two weeks I can breathe a bit easier. If I am still breathing, as running has not been the priority it needs to be considering I have 12.5 K to run in one day… will rely on guts and adrenaline. Will put my heart into it and hope my legs keep up.

I guess I can consider September a success in the end. Both kids are smoothly back to school and back in their activities (dance, guitar, soccer, piano). I saw family I hadn’t seen in years, made new friends I already depend on, and heard my kids laugh more than I saw them cry. October is going to be interesting. As it streaks past like September did, I hope the defining moments that pull into focus from the blur of everyday are more positive than not, and more about the future than about the past.

p.s. a final thought: Russell Crowe retweeted me in September. That alone makes it a month worth remembering!  

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