Back to school

Remember the first day of school? No matter the grade – the excitement, the fluttery rush of nerves at seeing people you hadn’t in awhile. The shiver of anticipation about all the new. What is our adult equivalent?

If you play organized sports or obsess about professional ones, you might get that surge as the season kicks in again. There is a small frisson of zing sometimes returning to work from a holiday or seeing a group of friends you haven’t in awhile. Without fail it springs from saying yes to something you more easily could have turned down. It is found in the moments you try something new on for size or take a step in a different direction on a path.

It’s the time of year when new beginnings and old friends are on my mind. I hope everyone starting a new adventure takes a moment to enjoy the thrill. I am sending good vibes to anyone with students in their world that they get off to a new year with minimal fuss and disruption. This morning, as I tried to convince my seven year old that 4:00 a.m. was too soon to start the first day of school, I realized something. Feeling excited and nervous about new things is as sure an indicator of being alive as a heartbeat. Sometimes we forget that. How are you going to feel alive this month?

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