Goal Post: August 2011

I’m sitting in an airport lounge wishing I was back on the banks of the Presidio, watching huge breakers foam against the rocks. I’d rather be standing in the waves of heat that come from all sides in a west-facing vineyard in Napa as the sun starts to set. I’d rather be home in my bed. Soon enough.

August was a month of epic travel and adventure. It was exciting and exotic and fodder for a chicklit book or two. I will get some of it written, recorded here as I like to do, for the therapy of writing and the act of expression. Some of it will fade and blur when I fall back into step with my real world and school + dance + indoor soccer + berserk begins again in a few days. Some of it stays with me. Memories and moments I felt so hugely I can’t explain anyways, so I won’t try.

I started this month hoping I was equipped for new. Trusting that different and change were signs of progress and living, two things I am all over. I end it invigorated to continue squeezing as much as I can into short days and even shorter nights. I will continue raising my hand and stepping forward when the universe provides opportunities. I will continue just being me and seeing what happens.



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