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There is a song for everything….

I was driving the other day, contemplating the mysteries of the universe when a song on the radio tugged my thoughts out of my head and into some lyrics. “Invincible” by Hedley seems to be a perfect theme song for … Continue reading

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New. Yet the same.

Welcome! I have a new home for my ramblings. I needed to grow up a bit, technologically speaking and with any new growth or development, one can expect some bumps along the way. I hope you can bear with me … Continue reading

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Mapping memory lane: San Fransisco

I have a terrible memory. I attribute it to two things: my alcohol-addled brain and my constant focus on the now versus the past. Either way, there are times I want to remember. Want to keep crisp edges on. So … Continue reading

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Back to school

Remember the first day of school? No matter the grade – the excitement, the fluttery rush of nerves at seeing people you hadn’t in awhile. The shiver of anticipation about all the new. What is our adult equivalent? If you … Continue reading

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Goal Post: August 2011

I’m sitting in an airport lounge wishing I was back on the banks of the Presidio, watching huge breakers foam against the rocks. I’d rather be standing in the waves of heat that come from all sides in a west-facing … Continue reading

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