Just me and Suzie McNeill

If you’ve been seeing my tweets, you know I am at a huge conference in San Francisco. I also just got back from Prince Edward Island. I have so much to write about, I feel like a kid at Christmas. I also recently had a marvelously invigorating conversation with Jim Elyot about blogging and twitter and writing and stuff. That conversation has inspired me to post more, edit a tiny bit less. Being at Dreamforce (google it, it’s huge) reminded me of the story below. I won tickets to a gala for this coming Wednesday night. Last night at a meet-up someone joked I didn’t seem like a below-the-radar kind of girl… Let’s hope history doesn’t repeat itself.

Once in a somewhat ancient past, I was at a gala for work. I told my colleague I was going to move to the far side of our table for a picture so it looked like Suzie McNeill, who was on stage, was right behind me. As I stood up to scoot around, I heard “Perfect! Come on up!” If I had been paying attention I would have registered she was asking for volunteers. I somehow survived the next few minutes where, in front of 1,200 people I warbled Bohemian Rhapsody, pretending to know the words. Afterwards I proceeded to have too much to drink, always my preferred method of dealing with mortification. Later in the night we crossed paths with Suzie. I found pictures on my phone the next day… We had a lovely time I think. We could have been lovely life long chums – we actually might be. That’s what I’m going with. You know Suzie McNeill? The Canadian recording star? We’re tight.



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