Goal Post: July 2011

I don’t know whether to consider the past month a victory or a fiasco. So much happened, and at such a fast pace I feel like my head is spinning. On this, the first day of a new month for me to try and do better, and be more, I am reflecting on my goals for last month.

When July began I wanted to run twice a week. I wanted to get 10 or 12K in, to just keep moving and get back some of my fitness, my air, and my strong feet and legs. Early in the month I hit a trail I have always wanted to run. It was a super muggy day, I felt epic to be trotting over tree roots, across bridges, and over train tracks. I ran at my usual race pace. I gave myself an awesome case of plantar fasciitis. My feet curled into giant balls of tension and pain. I whined about it on Twitter, rolled on tennis balls and scrapped my goal for the month to instead beg for foot rubs and freeze water bottles (that totally works, btw). On to my second goal.

Starting the month I wanted things to look forward to. I wanted to feel like I was growing and doing more as a person. I wanted to try and do new things, avoid same old, avoid letting my fears and insecurities hold me back. So. I:

1. Hit send on an article submission for a prominent blog/team I read and feel all fangirl about. YummyMummyClub is the brainchild and online metropolis of Erica Ehm. She has moms talking about everything from IT to shopping, blended families to pop culture. They liked it. They posted it! http://www.yummymummyclub.ca/learning-through-nature

2. Signed up for a dance class. Kid2 had a dance clinic the same weekend her brother had a soccer tournament and the kids’ dad was away. It would have been easier to bow out, to use her time in class to catch my breath from running amok. Instead I did my first ever dance class. I was rather awkward, I couldn’t remember steps and danced looking to the side because when I saw myself in the mirror I shivered with delighted mortification. But I did it, and I loved moving to music. I will do more.

There were other new things. I tried new approaches to dealing with old problems. I tried being flexible and rolling with things I didn’t have my head around and that in my heart of hearts I was afraid of. Not everything worked. Like the goal to run, I sometimes overdid it. I tried to do too much and lacked proper preparation. As August dawns I am better equipped for new. I have new running shoes. I have faith that different does not mean disaster. I have onwards.

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