Angel friends

Old friends invite you to a concert when they end up with an extra ticket. They hear you squee and say for sure, they plan logistics with you, and then understand when two days before you just can’t make it work. You can’t sleep in a tent in a park with 20,000 cavorters, can’t swing the time away or the damage to your liver. I paid for my ticket, lent the girls my tent and was reasonable for once that I couldn’t make the concert. My friend understood, for which I am eternally grateful. Yesterday when I picked up my tent, Dawn** gave me a gift that I didn’t know I needed. Something so precious and unexpected, that I am still not sure I have my head around it.

When I rolled into Tweed I was in a less than chipper mood. I was planning on grabbing the tent, catching up with Dawn, maybe complaining for a bit, then driving home while giving myself a pep talk. When I walked in, Dawn had company so I made polite small talk with Maria. Turns out that Maria reads Oracle cards. Dawn had invited her thinking I might like to have my cards read. Turned out I needed some introspection like a flower needs some sun.

I’m generally up for anything, and anyone who knows me can vouch that I believe things happen for a reason. So when presented with a chance to have a total stranger flip some cards for me, to see what might be revealed, I thought “why not.” After five minutes, I was crying. In fifteen I had laughed. After twenty I had stopped counting the times I had goose bumps. After an hour I had renewed hope and cheer. Think what you will about things like card readings. Of course there is room for interpretation. Faith and spirituality are very personal things. However my experience was incredible. I was reminded to trust what I see, even if it’s a daydream I have concocted in my minds’ eye – because I am an intuitive person and that is a gift. I was reprimanded for letting fear and insecurity impact my decisions – because I am not my past, I am my now. I was given proof that everything happens for a reason, that I take strength and calm from being in nature, and that today is the start of a new chapter in the beautiful story that is me.


I’ve been forgetting some of my old friends lately. I’m very good friends with tough. I’m even better friends with optimism and cheer. I’m probably best friends with intuition and imagination. Thank you Dawn and Maria, for being angel friends and helping me see myself clearly again.

**Dawn and I have known each other since Grade 3. This is our Grade 8 Grad photo. I am in there… if you can find me, was my androgynous/braces phase. Also, for Twitter hawks, @CLBuchananPhoto is also in this picture!




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