Everyday adventures: spontaneity and social media day

Apparently June 30th was social media day. To me it was a rather inconveniently placed PA Day that I got to spend with my kids. We woke up with no plans. I just had the niggling feeling mowing the lawn and cleaning my house wasn’t going to cut it as activities the kids got excited about. So I chose fun. I decided to be spontaneous.

Grass Creek Park is a little gem in the east end of Kingston that has become one of our happy places. When I was off last summer we went so often I lost count. It’s close, sandy, sunny, and free! When I told the kids to get their bathing suits on, they paused. There is a new water park here and we frequent the splash pad too so they weren’t sure what water we were headed to. When I said the mini beach they went off their pin with excitement.

As we made a pile of beach stuff, I sent out a fast tweet stating where we were going and calling for company. The response was fast and fabulous. On a day dedicated to social media and it’s ever-evolving impact on our daily lives, the fact that one tweet turned into a #beachup with old and new friends was the perfect illustration of the speed, ease, and connectivity Twitter provides. Factor in a sense of fun and a dose of spontaneity and you might also be able to argue Twitter makes you sleep well. After a day in the sun swimming, throwing kids in the water, eating, talking and laughing, I fell into bed completely spent. We didn’t go anywhere exotic or expensive. We didn’t even do anything new or different. I just put a call out on Twitter and rounded up some people for an everyday adventure. On social media day.


– props to @livecomfortably for joining in the fun with his daughter and being my 14th IRL of June! Perfect to end the month with one more!!
– thank you @gojeffcho and @delilahevening for making fire and proving the ideal beach lunch! Special mention for correcting my mistake thinking you were joking that you can grill pizza.
– I *love* the day’s best example of spontaneity when @BugBlue came on her lunch break, looking corporate and delish, but up for the fun and some sun!!
– @AJMDaniel and I go way back. Like, 12 years or so way back. But we had never been to the beach together, and I love that we have similar puttering instincts for beach base camps!

There will be another #beachup. There were too many tweeps chiming in who wanted to come, but had prior commitments. Plus there is fun we didn’t get to, like a basketball and volleyball tourney, flying kites, more epic eating, and even bigger sandcastles to construct. But we won’t plan it too much. Spontaneity is the key ingredient.



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