Goal Post: June 2011

I don’t often look back. Often it’s due to wanting to avoid cringing over something I said or something I did. Sometimes it’s because it hurts to do so. Instead I look ahead. I tell myself onwards. I believe there is always something to look forward to, always a reason for cheer.

My current mode and space finds me looking back for once, just over the month of June. On June 1st I set two small goals for myself. I told myself it would be good mind-fill, because keeping my brain occupied keeps me from stewing. I told myself it would be good practice, for aren’t the experts always telling us to set goals? That achieving our goals can give us a sense of accomplishment? Turns out they’re not on crack, those experts.

My goals were simple. I wanted to increase the number of people I chirp with on Twitter, and I wanted to actually meet some tweeps. I more than met both goals. 13 IRL’s later I can put actual faces to some of my favourite people on Twitter. Couples and singles, neighbours and colleagues, sass pots and smarty pants. It’s all been my pleasure. Wanting to crack 500 followers was an arbitrary number, I just wanted more. More conversation, more lives to watch unfold, more advice and laughter to share.

I have two small goals for July. I won’t jinx myself by putting them out there. I am branching out and one actually has nothing to do with Twitter! There will be another goal post when they’re met. Thank you to anyone along for the ride who doesn’t find my prattle irritating. I enjoy your company and look forward to the conversation.

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One Response to Goal Post: June 2011

  1. I love being able to chat with you in twitter. I still find it funny seeing and chatting with a childhood friend on twitter.

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