Twitter, the musical

Twitter rocks for so many reasons. The information, the community, the “now” of it. I have cooed about how much I heart Twitter in a prior post. Twitter has always proven to be fun and fast. Now I know it to be musical.

Yesterday I took my elderly mother to Belleville General Hospital for a CAT scan. She isn’t supremely healthy. That’s not what this post is about. As I was in the waiting room, I was tweeting, reading, and trying to look occupied so no one would speak to me. There were several very “friendly” and loquacious natives hanging about. I shouldn’t have thought I could hide in my iPad, though, because as someone said in a tweet, “…we use wind-up radios in Belleville. An iPad is like a message from Mars.” I was attracting a lot of attention trying to be inconspicuous. To the point that I actually tweeted “… if you are reading this over my shoulder, please back away, k thx.”

The ensuing replies ranged from validating to sass, and in response to one, I chirped that I was worried I would be tossed in a truck and made a bride. Disclaimer: I’m from there, it’s derogatory affection. What happened next lifted my spirits, and has helped keep my mind off all the heavy I have been dealing with of late.

I have taken screen shots of the conversation that unfolded in the past 24 hours. I haven’t met the tweeps, this isn’t a narcissistic effort to show off. It’s me wanting to keep a record of a conversation that has been sweet, smart, and fun. Plus it was better than riding my exercise bike, which was all I had planned to do tonight.

Start at the blue bird in each picture and read up. Read the pictures in order. Picture one, bottom to top, then picture two, bottom to top, etc. Try not to end up with a song stuck in your head, and have fun.





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