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Why it's all worth it.

We head back to the studio tonight. If you follow me on Twitter you know we spend a lot of time there. Here’s why it doesn’t matter. The money, the elimination of all free evenings, me killing time while she … Continue reading

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Goal Post: June 2011

I don’t often look back. Often it’s due to wanting to avoid cringing over something I said or something I did. Sometimes it’s because it hurts to do so. Instead I look ahead. I tell myself onwards. I believe there … Continue reading

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Twitter, the musical

Twitter rocks for so many reasons. The information, the community, the “now” of it. I have cooed about how much I heart Twitter in a prior post. Twitter has always proven to be fun and fast. Now I know it … Continue reading

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Feeling the music.

Tonight was the end of dance season for kid2. Her name is Claudia. She is luckier than many grown ups I know, because at the tender age of six, almost seven, she has discovered something that she loves. Last summer … Continue reading

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Birthday wishes

Since turning 16, I have had a problem with my birthday. It wasn’t the goofy necklace my boyfriend at the time gave me. It wasn’t any cataclysmic event. It’s just that getting older stuns me. My husband’s grandmother lived to … Continue reading

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Everyday Adventures – Country roads take me home

Everyday Adventures – Country roads take me home We got out of town today, to the farm where I grew up. My mother still lives there, as she has since my dad died in the late 80’s. I can’t tell … Continue reading

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