Serendipity. Or, how I ended up registered for a 60K race.

I haven’t been overly committed to running lately. There are plenty of feeble excuses why, but my heart wasn’t in it and I no longer knew if I could say I am a runner. I had signed up for the Ottawa 10K over ten months ago. Booked a hotel room last January. Recruited a pack of friends to come with me. So I told myself onwards.

I don’t listen to music when I run anymore. I quit that cold turkey about a year ago, preferring instead to let my thoughts wander and snag on things I need to ponder. I also don’t run races with friends. It’s not a competitive thing, it’s a selfish act to keep from paying more attention to them than I am to myself. I gladly ran alone, in a pack of 9,000 people. I ran the third best race of my life.

I paid attention to my pace. I avoided the temptation to zigzag trying to find a clear path. I thought about where I was going and where I had been. I registered that the lilacs were in bloom and uber fragrant and I proudly slapped the shoe guy’s shoe for the third year in a row. I pondered running. I reflected on my current life situation that is rife with new beginnings. I ran through some pain, as coached by @DaveTweets, and I ran the last kilometre almost a minute faster than the first. I posted a PB, something I needed more than I knew.

Runners care about timing. The timing of something that happened before the race has reaffirmed my belief in serendipity. We hit the expo at 3 after battling epic traffic, urgent bathroom breaks, and nonexistent parking. We nabbed our chips, bibs, and tees, and were making a beeline for the exit when there was a break in the mob and I saw it. If I hadn’t looked to the side when I did, if I hadn’t seen the tweet weeks ago that planted the seed, and if there wasn’t a special discount on registering during Ottawa Race Weekend, I wouldn’t now be signed up as a team captain for the Great Canadian Run.

I wanted to do the race when I first saw @YummyMummyClub mention it on Twitter. I wanted the thrill and challenge of it as something I had to look forward to. Something big to be a part of. Something I could feel excited and optimistic about. It will be a goal that shapes the coming months. It will keep me in touch with friends. It makes me part of a team. It will remind me I have nothing to complain about in my life, and it will keep me running.


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2 Responses to Serendipity. Or, how I ended up registered for a 60K race.

  1. Laura says:

    I loved reading this. It is wonderful to read the perspective of someone else who is running.

    I love that this race is providing you with a new reason to get running and to be optimistic. That is exactly what I love about running. There is always something else to overcome.

    • Julie says:

      Thank you! I’m sorry I am just seeing this comment now! I agree there must always be something we are looking ahead to, else we trip on the details of our everyday and it gets hard to keep going. Thanks again, hope we cross paths again soon!

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