Everyday adventures

I buy greeting cards for myself. The ones with quotes on them, and images or pictures that grab me for some reason. I stick them on the wall above the table where I write and let them catch my eye and prop me up.

The one I’m loving these days reads: “Funny thing about joy, is that you only really find it when you are too busy having fun to go looking for it.” I believe that every day can be an adventure. That fun resides in normal places. That time spent doing beats time spent wishing. So I took my kids adventuring yesterday.

Visiting a park or taking a hike is one thing. Equipping a six and nine year old with a net, a goal of finding frogs, tadpoles, or nature’s treasures, and doing so along a deserted river bed with an old broken down bridge is an adventure.

We have gone frogging a couple times before, at this same deserted piece of Collins Creek, but never at time time of year. I wasn’t sure what we would find. Three giant bullfrogs and three gorgeous leopard frogs later, the kids smelled like a bog, were soaked, muddy, and exhilarated. They can’t wait to go back. They want to see how the flow of the river changes when the spring run-off ends. They want to see if they can catch more than six frogs (our record last year was 14). They want to spend time outside exploring. They want more everyday adventures.




– we release every frog we catch. They’re fun to catch, but really. What would I do with six frogs?
– we also found a mallard’s tail feather, a robin’s egg, a crayfish that had joined the circus, snails, minnows, watched geese with goslings, lost rubber boots in squelchy mud, and got eaten by bugs.
– when we adventure like this my kids learn about conservation, confidence, spring-time water safety, life and food cycles in nature, and that their mom has no problem handing anything mother nature serves up. Except mushrooms. I hate mushrooms.

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