I have taken the Pledge

I am surprised and a little disappointed it has been so difficult for me to write this post. Taking the Mom Pledge means a lot to me. I just couldn’t understand why I struggled to write about it. Then it clicked.

The Pledge means I commit to be supportive, fair, and understanding. I won’t cut others down, I will contribute from a place of respect and with kindness. My difficulty writing this has been the niggling feeling I am not making an entirely true statement. I struggle on a daily basis to apply these tenets when I think about myself. However, as I like to say – Onwards.

I gladly join the ranks of bloggers wanting to make the world a better place, and publicly declare I believe every little bit does count. I thank Elizabeth Flora Ross for the concept, and for creating good in the blogsphere. And I commit to apply the Pledge in what I do, and to myself. All that can happen is I come out a healthier, more positive person and better equipped to be a good mom. That’s a pledge worth taking.

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One Response to I have taken the Pledge

  1. Naila Jinnah says:

     I love this. Please remind me this exists when I have children.

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