A mother memory

I remembered this, that I wrote in the Fall of 2000. It was coming up on my second wedding anniversary, and I had still not forgiven myself for not mentioning my mother in my wedding speech. In my defence she had quailed at the thought of people looking at her, and fussed about feeling on the spot. I didn’t consciously decide not to mention her- my sister who I hadn’t seen in years showed up to the wedding unexpectedly and I rambled on about her instead… Anyways. I took an ad out in mom’s local paper (the Tweed News, I know you’ve all read it) on October 11, 2000. This is what it said:

…I forgot to thank my mother.

There are a few days in one’s life where everyone who knows you or plays a role in your world is present. These are the times – the rare opportunities – to thank the people you love and have their contributions to your life recognized.

On the most important day of my life I neglected to mention the one who was been most important to me. It’s been bugging me ever since.

My mom has kind eyes and a great sense of humour. She loves unconditionally and has supported me in a way that has allowed me to grow and experience life.

I never thanked her for my childhood summers, for Christmas trees that touched the ceiling or for clogs, cowbells, and the sounds of home. I never thanked her for her protection, her timely tough love, her devotion and ultimate respect of who I have become. I didn’t thank her for ensuring I got married in the dress of my dreams or for making me feel like I have the biggest and strongest family even though we are now only four.

People wait until it’s too late to reflect how someone has impacted on their life. I didn’t want to wait. I want my mom to know today how wonderful I think she is, and that I wouldn’t be where I am today without her.

My mom’s name is Claudette. She doesn’t like it when the spotlight shines on her but she can captivate a room full of people and make me feel better when no one else can.

She is pretty terrific and I just want to thank her.

It all holds true, even 11 years later. With all the Mother’s Day talk today I remembered this and wanted to include it here. Hope you take a moment to thank the people close to you. Do it before its too late.



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2 Responses to A mother memory

  1. Alicia Fagan says:

    This is beautiful @Jule_E!

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