Pale by comparison, but gladly so.

I just unsubscribed to a newsletter I have gladly gotten for ages. At times it was bland. Other times I actually read it. But today it was touting “Secrets of the Best Fake Tan.” so I dumped it.

I am pale. Actually a bit paler than pale. On videos in the summer I can seem kind of blue. I have been called albino, which I am not. As a blue-eyed, used-to-be-natural-blonde in a family of swarthy French Canadians, I stuck out like a bleach spot in family pictures.

I used to bake, burn, and wish myself into different shades each summer. I can remember sunburns so bad my ears split. But then I had babies. Beautiful, smooth new-skinned pale babies. And I came to my senses. I joined the church of sunscreen. Became a card-carrying member of the SPF force.

This video is making the rounds this week. I have seen it shared on Twitter and wish everyone would watch and absorb it.

Then I wish we could start seeing people’s natural complexions being touted as beautiful. The rainbow Louis Armstrong sang about should be what we all value versus a uniform shade of tan. I embrace my pale. Perhaps it’s because I like my meat rare versus well done. Either way, for me and my kids, the healthiest glow is a natural, pale one.

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2 Responses to Pale by comparison, but gladly so.

  1. Mallaisj says:

    Hear, hear! I absolutely concur 100%. And you bring up a good point: how bland would the world be, if we were all the same colour?

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