Clipping the Tooth Fairy's wings

We watched Megamind over the March Break. Four times. We all really liked it. In one scene a character rants that “there is no Easter Bunny, no tooth fairy, and no Queen of England..”

I mentioned in an earlier post we dropped the egg on Easter one year. I don’t know if that, combined with the line from Megamind was what was working around in kid1’s brain, but today he said it. “I think there is no such thing as the tooth fairy or the Easter bunny. I think it’s you guys tricking us.”

Hubby did what many a grown-up would do. He deked the question, then came scrambling to find me in a panic. We decided together to tell it like it is. Dawson is almost 10, we don’t want him to remember us lying to him. We want him on our side, continuing to lie to his little sister. So hubby took kid2 to her dance class and kid1 and I settled in with some books and iPod/pad to hang out. After about three minutes passed, I took a deep breath and went in.

In response to being asked about the recent tooth fairy comments, he squirmed a bit. I think there has been talk at school adding to his turmoil. But when those big questioning blue eyes turned to me, and I asked “Do you really want to know?” it was easy to see it was time. I copped to it. To having his old teeth shoved somewhere, to it being his dad who does the money because I always fall asleep. I admitted we debated long and hard over what amount to give, that we did it for fun and tradition, and for the great incentive it gives for brushing teeth in young kids. “…don’t want to give the tooth fairy rotten teeth now, do we?”

I remember his first bath after his little sister was born. I was dumbfounded at the size of his feet. Having spent two days in hospital with a newborn, to then see his 2.75-year old feet was jarring. Today I saw again how much he has grown. He was so happy I had told him. I honestly think he knew, inside, that it was a myth. I think he was worried we would try and reinforce something he already had picked apart. Given it straight up he seemed relieved and happy. He hugged me, and the first thing he said was “I won’t spoil it for Claudia. I can work with you guys to keep her believing until it’s her time to know.”

All around a fairly positive parenting moment. Don’t ask about the Easter Bunny. It didn’t come up in conversation and I’m not going there until I have to. Because from there it’s a short hop to Santa. And mom’s not ready for that one yet.

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