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Serendipity. Or, how I ended up registered for a 60K race.

I haven’t been overly committed to running lately. There are plenty of feeble excuses why, but my heart wasn’t in it and I no longer knew if I could say I am a runner. I had signed up for the … Continue reading

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Everyday adventures

I buy greeting cards for myself. The ones with quotes on them, and images or pictures that grab me for some reason. I stick them on the wall above the table where I write and let them catch my eye … Continue reading

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The shape of onwards.

Have you ever had to move on? Ever had to pick up the remaining pieces of your heart, or maybe your spirit? Sometimes it’s your physical self or your self esteem… Either way it involves taking painful steps. This time … Continue reading

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I have taken the Pledge

I am surprised and a little disappointed it has been so difficult for me to write this post. Taking the Mom Pledge means a lot to me. I just couldn’t understand why I struggled to write about it. Then it … Continue reading

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Lessons learned.

I worked at a camp the summers I turned 19 and 20. Time passes and memories blur. I forget names and faces, dates and places, but not the things I learned. Banish your first thought of tanned legs (see prior … Continue reading

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A mother memory

I remembered this, that I wrote in the Fall of 2000. It was coming up on my second wedding anniversary, and I had still not forgiven myself for not mentioning my mother in my wedding speech. In my defence she … Continue reading

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Pale by comparison, but gladly so.

I just unsubscribed to a newsletter I have gladly gotten for ages. At times it was bland. Other times I actually read it. But today it was touting “Secrets of the Best Fake Tan.” so I dumped it. I am … Continue reading

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