Are you writing like no one is watching?

Are you writing like no one is watching?

I know it doesn’t make sense. Inherent in the art of writing is editing; ensuring what you write can be read and understood by others. But in this new world of SEO and Like and RT are we losing sight of the purity of writing as a form of expression? I don’t have to think before I tweet. I represent no brand, I associate nothing of my professional life with prattling on as @Jule_E. In this I am a minority.

If these new frontiers and mediums are truly about community and communication, people and information, are you there as yourself, all the time? Or are you there as a carefully worded – so as to optimize your search results – representation of something else. I’m curious. Because I am there for the company of others and the conversation. And I would like it to be real.

Even as I scan this for gross grammatical misconduct, I start picking at it. I start seeing where someone could strafe my idle thoughts with combative evidence they are who they are and that is where they come from, thank you very much, I must be dumb. But it’s my thought. And at this hour, in this moment no one is watching. And I felt like writing.

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2 Responses to Are you writing like no one is watching?

  1. I am – mostly because I’m pretty sure no one IS looking 😛 That and life is too short for me to stress over grammatical mistakes when I’m really just doing it to express myself – not create a brand. I’m not a writer and I don’t claim to be.

    • Julie says:

      Sounds like we come from the same place in terms of writing, if you know anyone else who shares this view (not writing to create brand or awareness, just expressing thoughts as a real, live person) can you let me know? Thanks for letting me know your trail happened by here. Onwards and keep writing for you!

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