Tricky tricky coupons

It almost got me. The coupon. Did you see it? Buy two Ziploc anythings, get another two of equal or lesser value. For free. I had them. In my cart. Four fabulous Ziploc things. Big bags. Like, could hold a binder, big. Party packs of their Tupperware. All sizes. Some with screw top lids. Two-pack big big containers. For markers. Or stickers. Or an entire batch of muffins.

As I waited in line I was already cooking up clever 140-character bits about how wonderful a bargain shopper I was. It was a long line-up. My thoughts turned to what I would use them for. Where I would benefit from their perfect form and functionality.

Then, in a moment similar to the Grinch’s epiphany, it dawned on me that maybe Ziploc wasn’t exactly the right thing. Maybe I didn’t need more boxes, more lidded bins, or more bags. Maybe, I thought, happiness doesn’t come in a clustered purchase of Ziploc stuff. Maybe I already have markers and stickers contained in bins (I do). Maybe I can’t think of a single binder I need to put in a giant baggy (I can’t).

Ever see stuff at the cash that people have obviously stuffed alongside the gum, from having changed their minds at the last minute? That pile of Ziploc stuff with the coupon on top. That was me.

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