I heart Twitter.

I’ve never met the people who touched my heart to the point I cried some happysad tears tonight. I have faint wisps of information about where they work, and how their domestic lives are shaped. A mention here, a comment there. Yet they are some of the most authentic people in my world.

It could be that the distance provides a protective shield. The mystery lends to freer speech. But my gut tells me otherwise. These are individuals who mix heart and humour, information and fun. They are genuine. Which unfortunately in this day and age, is becoming as rare as a luna moth.

I am processing a swirl of feelings for a family that has suffered a horrendous loss. I realize whole towns in Japan were wiped out. I know people are struggling right now with terminally ill parents, friends and heartbreakingly, children. I feel that. I am overly empathetic. I am a walking raw emotion, of which I am proud. But for this, a case of a boy gone too soon, my heart is chipped.

Enter the humanity of a person sending me a knitting pattern for a smug scarf. Another validating that it is okay to feel the way I do. Raise that people offering to listen. To talk. To support and to share. That is the magic of Twitter. Cut out the endless promotions. Erase the spam and dirtybots. Twitter is about people. It is about sharing. And it is community. Thanking my tweeps. Just want you to know you’re more than a tiny avatar and 140 characters to me.

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