Shock and loss

Yes life goes on. But I don’t believe it’s ever the same. Its like a bike with a spoke that has been slightly bent. There is a wrinkle in the visual of it’s forward motion.

Which can be comforting… You want glimpses of the people you love to be woven into the everyday fabric of your life. It’s a good thing when memories can be tugged out of busy brains by a flash of colour or the sound of laughter. You just never want that to be all that you are left with. You’re never ready as a mother, a sister, a daughter, or a friend for losing someone too soon.

My heart is clenched for a family who lost their eldest son today. They are a family of laughter and sport, happy times outside in the sunshine, and friendship. I don’t know what they are feeling. I just know I want to help. Wish I could have helped. Will help however I can. And I will remember. And respect. And cry.

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